8th June 2016

Grab a skipping rope and get jumping! Skipping is great to improve stamina and can really improve your ability to perform steps at competition. Improving stamina means that you will last longer and not tire so quickly, so no more puffing off stage, or heavy legs while dancing. Skipping also strengthens your leg muscles and helps improve jump height, so if you are a dancer struggling with leg height and extension, give skipping a go.

Skipping is also an amazing way for beginners to learn to count to the beat and to learn how to jump/dance on the beat. There are drills for more advanced dancers which can help improve turnout and other technique factors.

One of the best ways to incorporate skipping into your workout is to skip to music and skip through as many songs as you can. One song is a good way to begin a warm up routine.


Above: Young dancer Tegan, from Adelaide is skipping at home as apart of her exercise routine.


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