How To: Affordable Practice Floors

Practice makes perfect is the saying. But how do you do that at home when there isn’t always a floor to train on? Professional floors are expensive and can cost thousands for a suitable floor. We had this problem ourselves, so we decided to build our own floor. All we needed was tongue and grove panels and tape, all of this could be found at our local Bunnings store!


  • Trailer
  • 4×4 to drive to Bunnings
  • Black Electrical Tape (Similar to what we put on hard shoes for grip)
  • Structafloor (or similar) panels. We used green tongue.
  • Tape Measure
  • Rubber Mallet
  1. Measure the area that you would like to place the floor.
  2. Look online (we used Bunnings site) for boards, mathematically work out the size. of the area that you have and what size boards could be used.
  3. Trim boards if needed (but be careful, this can create uneven spots).
  4. Lay down boards with each tongue and groove aligned.
  5. Use a mallet to push the boards together. (You may need help for this as they are prone to separating at the opposite end when one is joined).
  6. Once finished, tape down the middle lines between the boards and around the edge of the whole thing. This prevents the floor from being damaged and the dancers from catching the joins of the floor.
  7. Enjoy!


Above: Dancer, Tegan practicing on the floor we created.



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